2017 Edition

Original création

A/V performance by

M.Sayyid (Anti Pop Consortium)

Mathias Cazenave
Animation 3D

Roxane Bonnet


Music shows

Holly Herndon (USA)
Live A/V

Perspection (CA / USA) de Matthew Biederman et Pierce Warnecke
Installation A/V

_NYBBLE_ (FR) de Alex Augier
Live A/V

KillASon (Paris / Supernova)
DSL (Paris / Ed Banger)
JN/WL aka Jean NippoN (Paris / Institubes)
Damstrad (Bdx)


Visual program

Pablo Gracias (Bdx / Video mapping)

The invested locations

La Caisse (former bank agency located in Meriadeck District in Bordeaux, currently rehabilitated by Norbert Fradin, which will soon become a place of life and culture)

Le Théatre Fémina

La Bourse du Travail

Vidéos 2017

Photos report 2017