Who are we ?

Echo A Venir is a french festival ran by the organization Organ’Phantom, which members were part of Son’Art’s crew, a concert hall in the very center of Bordeaux, that closed in 2009 with more than 450 shows in 5 years.

A question have been asked by this time : What should we do now? What’s left to explore tomorrow ? How ? With who ? Serving which purpose ?

Écho à Venir is the french for the echo to come … Explore the new forms of artistic expression, from their influences to their most futuristic aspects, that is the aim of Écho à Venir.

The programmation, oriented on electronic innovative music and the visual arts that are surrounding it, is mixing concerts, video mapping, artistic creations, meetings, projection of documentaries …

Organ’Phantom works every year with a new generation of Bordeaux’s cultural activists, with for instance the association Bassday since the very beginning of the project. This local and diversified scene, through creation residences, is coming to complete the international programmation of Echo A Venir.