Exposition “IMPULSE” by Martin Messier

Friday 16 Sept
9pm to 12am
Saturday 17 Sept
2pm to 11pm
Sunday 18 Sept
2pm to 6pm

The basement of the Water Mirror

Free entrance

Limited capacity – Several 5mn sessions

The Impulse project is a poetic-technological analogy of the functioning of the brain and the flow of thought, in the form of a circulation of energy shown by light paths propagating from one panel to another.

In this project, Martin Messier proposes a poetic and technological analogy with the functioning of the brain, in the form of a circulation of energy made visible by the light paths between one panel and the other.

In keeping with the brain metaphor, the light impulse propagates through the metal structure, producing a captive energy. The wires connecting the panels act as axons and the space between them as synaptic space.

The whole work has an electrifying effect, stimulating the spectators’ sensory systems. Not only their vision is solicited, but also their hearing – thanks to the synchronisation with the sound – and, finally, their entire body through the effect of the
multi-sensory propagation.

For over fifteen years, Martin Messier has been creating works where sound, object and image meet. In the form of performances and installations, his creations – with choreographic overtones – bring the presence of the body to the fore.

Artistic director, audio and visual programming : Martin Messier
Technical design and fabrication : Thomas Payette, Maxime Bouchard (HUB Studio)
Electronic : Nathanaël Lécaudé
Technical helper : Laura-Rose Grenier, Dominique Hawry
Support : Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec