2017 Edition

Original création

A/V performance by

M.Sayyid (Anti Pop Consortium)

Mathias Cazenave
Animation 3D

Roxane Bonnet

Music shows

Holly Herndon (USA)
Live A/V

Perspection (CA / USA) de Matthew Biederman et Pierce Warnecke
Installation A/V

_NYBBLE_ (FR) de Alex Augier
Live A/V

KillASon (Paris / Supernova)
DSL (Paris / Ed Banger)
JN/WL aka Jean NippoN (Paris / Institubes)
Damstrad (Bdx)

Visual program

Pablo Gracias (Bdx / Video mapping)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The invested locations

La Caisse (former bank agency located in Meriadeck District in Bordeaux, currently rehabilitated by Norbert Fradin, which will soon become a place of life and culture)

Le Théatre Fémina

La Bourse du Travail

Vidéos 2017

Photos report 2017

2017 Edition in detail


In partnership with Mairie de Bordeaux, Bordeaux métropole and accès)s(.

In partnership with Paysages Bordeaux 2017 / Paysages en Région, the European Heritage Days and Bordeaux’s digital week (SDBX365) and for the opening of Écho à Venir #6,  « La Caisse » will be re-open for the first time. This iconic piece of 70’s architecture, first price of Architecture in 1984, will be used by accès)s(, Organ’Phantom and Bordeaux’s City hall for a night of digital art, audiovisual performances and electronic music.

Grace and the Color of Sound

Grace and the Color, the creation of ÉCHO À VENIR #6 is a collaboration between M.Sayyid, from Anti Pop Consortium (music) Mathias Cazenave (3D visuals) and Roxane Bonnet (dance).

The Fémina, one of the most famous theater from Bordeaux’s architectural heritage will host this brand new piece, that will mix video-mapping of 3D animations, live concert and Hip-hop dance.

Closing Écho à Venir #6 – « Bordeaux invites Paris »

The closing of the festival will take in place La Bourse du Travail in Bordeaux, Art Déco building from 1930, for a night of electro hip-hop live, and will be the opportunity for the festival to host artists from Paris. the Bourse du travail’s amphitheater will be invested as well by the artist Pablo Gracias, that will present a video-installation on the 1930’s murals by Jean Dupas, bringing life to this ancient building threw video-mapping.