2013 edition

Music shows

Yoggyone (FR / Eklektik Rec.)
Mr V (BDX / Bassday)
Hookhunt (BDX)
Papla Pinky (FR / Sonore)
Yosi Horikawa (JP / First Word Rec. / Eklektic Rec.)
Florence To (UK / Visual Artist)
& artists from With Us Rec. : Pamina, Vasquez, Mr Head

The documentary

For the opening of the festival, projection of Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio

Invested Location

Cinema Utopia
Le Fiacre
Les vivres de l’art
Bridge Chaban-Delmas
Hall Darwin, barrack Niel

Teaser 2013

Vidéo report 2013

Photos report 2013